Concept for chocolate bar packaging redesign for Hawaiian Crown.

About Hawiian Crown and their chocolate:

Hawaiian Crown is a Hawaiian company that grows premium fruits, nuts and coffee. The gourmet products are sold in specialty gift shops and online.

Our logo is a crown because the land that we farm was once royal land. We use sustainable and ethical growing methods to grow organic products on our family owned boutique farms. The company began as a pineapple company and the crown is part of the pineapple.

We are one of the only companies in the US to make chocolate from cacao that we grow on our own farms. All of the dark chocolate bars are single origin 70% dark chocolate.

Theres is no shortage of quality chocolate bar packaging to pull inspiration from but was really inspired by the recent NibMor redesign.

The packaging was kept dark to mimic the actual chocolate bars and to give the packaging a more gourmet feel. Each has a splash of color that represents the various flavors offered by the company and to help it stand out on the shelf. The colors were chosen from the multi-colored cocoa (the beans used to create chocolate).

Does any one else really want some chocolate right about now?





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