Branding and bottle label concept for 1713 Brewery located in Slovenia (Central Europe, between Italy and Croatia).  The brewery was inspired by the events of the Tolmin Peasant Revolt in Slovenia between the 15th and 17th centuries. The beers take the names from key events of the revolts.

Peasants in Slovenia rose up against their masters as their social situation increasingly deteriorated due to wars, various diseases and taxes. The Tolmin Peasant Revolt was the last in a series of peasant uprisings in Slovenia before the reforms of Maria Theresa and Joseph II.

What characterised this revolt is that it was against the government, in response to the new taxes. Since this period also saw a number of natural calamities strike the region, the peasants were no longer able to settle all their debts. The Gorizia County tax collector ordered the arrest of some men from the Tolmin area, enraging the local peasants who, under the leadership of Ivan Gradnik and others, began a revolt.

The leaders of the revolt and the peasants were arrested and imprisoned in Gorizia Castle, and the revolt was investigated by an imperial commission. A bloody judgement followed. Eleven leaders of the revolt were executed in the main square in Gorizia in April 1714. Others were sentenced to imprisonment or fined, while others still had their property seized. 

Source: Tolmin Museum, Tolmin

Isn’t history fun? Pass me a beer.






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